Product Bio – Markers and Limits Method of Analysis Major Application
Amla Extract
(Emblica officinalis)
Tannins 20%-45% Titration Anti aging Skin, Hair Care
Aloe vera Extract Water soluble extractive NLT 50% Gravimetric Cosmetic
Andrographis Extract
(Andrographis paniculata)
Andrographolides 10%-50% HPLC Liver support
Ashwagandha Extract
(Withania somnifera)
withanolides 2.5% -10%
Total Withanolides 1.5%-2.5%
HPLC Immune support Adaptogen
Bacopa Extract
(Bacopa monniera)
Bacosides 20%-40% HPLC Memory Support
Banaba Extract
Lagerstroemia speciosa
Corosolic acid 1%-3% HPLC/UV Blood sugar support
Weight management
Boswellia extract
(Boswellia serrata)
Boswellic acids 65%-80% Titration/HPLC Skin Care Bone Health Care
Bamboo Extract
(Bambusa arundinacea)
Natural Silica 75% Gravimetry Regulates menstrual
period Help digestion of proteins
(Cassia angustofolia)
Sennosides 10%-60% HPLC/UV Laxative
Cissus Extract
(Cissus quandrangularis)
Total Ketosterones 5%-10% Gravimetric Bone Health Care
Coleus forskohlii Extract
(Coleus forskohlii)
Forskolin NLT 10-40% HPLC Weight Management
Coffee bean Extract
Coffee Robusta
Chlorogenic acid 45%-60% HPLC/UV Antioxidant Weight management
Cinamon extract
(Cinnamum cassia)
Polyphenols 10%-20% UV Anti diabetic Antioxidant
Fenugreek Extract
(Trigonella foenum graecum)
Saponins 40%-75% Gravimetric Blood Sugar Support
Cardiovascular Support
Garlic Extract
(Allium sativum)
Allicin Min.1.0% HPLC Cardiovascular Support
Guggul Extract
(Zingiber officinalis)
Guggulsterones Min.2.5% HPLC Anti-inflammatory
Ginger extract
(Commiphora mucul)
Gingerols 5%-20% HPLC Digestive support Anti-inflammatory
Gotu Kola Extract
(Centella asiatica)
Total Triterpenes 10%-20% HPLC/gravimetric Skin Care Memory Support
Green Tea Extract
(Gymnema Sylvestre)
Polyphenols 25%-90% UV Anti-oxidant Anti cancer
Gymnema Extract
(Camellia sinensis)
Gymnememic acid 25%-75% Gravimetric Anti-diabetic
Stimulates heart
Circulatatory system
Hydroxy Citric Acid Salts
(Garcinia cambogia)
Hydroxycitric acid 50%-60%
Cal salt & water soluble salt
HPLC/AAS Weight Management
White Kidney beans Extract
Phaseoulus vulgaris
Amylase Inhibitory
10,000-20,000 unit/gm
Enzymatic Weight Management
Licorice Extract
(Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
Glycyrrhic Acid 10%-20% HPLC/Gravimetric Digestive support
Marigold extract Lutein 10%-20% UV/HPLC Natural food colour
Mucuna Extract
(Mucuna pruriens)
L-DOPA 10%-50% HPLC/IP Men’s Health support
Momordica Extract
(Momordica charantia)
Bitter Principles 2.5%-15% Gravimetric Blood Sugar Support
Moringa Extract
(Moringa olifera)
Saponins 10%-20% Gravimetric Immunes Support
Neem Leaf Extract
(Azadirachta indica)
Bitter Principles 2.5%-10% Gravimetric Antibacterial
Phyllanthus amarus Extract
(Phyllanthus amarus)
Bitter Principles 2.5%-10% Gravimetric Hepatocare
Salacia Oblonga/Reticulata Total saponins 10%-20% Gravimetric Anti-diabetic
Shatavari Extract
(Asparagus racemosus)
Saponins 20%-75% Gravimetric Women’s Health support
Shilajit Extract
Total fulvic acid 10%-20% Gravimetric Immune support
Safed musli
Chlorophytum borivilianum
Saponins 20%-75% Gravimetric Men’s Health support
Tribulus Extract
(Tribulus terrestris)
Saponins 20%-75% Gravimetric Immune support
Trikatu extract
(Ginger,Blak pepper,
Piper longum mix)
Piperine 2.5% UV/HPLC Gastrointestinal disorders
Triphala Extract Tannins 20%-45% Titration Digestive Support Rejuvenator Laxative
Tulsi extract
(Ocimum sanctum)
Ursolic acid 1.5%-2.5% HPLC Antipyretic, Anti cough and
cold, Anti-oxidant
Turmeric Extract
(Curcuma longa)
Curcuminoids 95% HPLC/UV Antioxidant
Tinospora Extract Bitter 2.5%-5% Gravimetric Immune Support
Vasaca Extract
(Adhatoda vasaca)
Alkaloides 1%-5% Gravimetric Respiratory Support